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automated network penetration testing


solves modern challenges

Compliance Nightmares Finally Addressed

Seeking a qualified vendor for network penetration testing in the United Kingdom has traditionally been time-consuming and challenging. However, TotalPenTest streamlines this process, providing comprehensive solutions.

Our platform delivers clear results on identified vulnerabilities, the risks they present to the organisation, as well as actionable remediation strategies from both a technical and strategic standpoint, addressing the following common challenges faced by companies:

  1. Meeting contractual and legal compliance is becoming increasingly hard.

  2. Despite significant investments of time, money and resources, companies may still fall short.

  3. Often major contracts, the companies financial future and your job depends on compliance.

  4. The skills and expertise required to address are scarce and it takes time to interview to ensure you have the right experience and advanced skillset required.

Penetration Testing stands as an essential pillar in modern cybersecurity programmes.

With a Penetration Test you can...

Identify Security Weaknesses

Penetration testing uses human skill & insight to uncover threats.

Automate Security Scans

Continuously uncover the latest security risks facing your business.

Optimise Risk Management

Access results conveniently through a user-friendly dashboard.

Meet Compliance Standards

Meet ISO 27001, PCI DSS, GDPR, SOC2 requirements.

Reduce Downtime

Penetration tests help to prioritise and redirect IT budgets to avoid wasteful expenditure.

Expose Security ‘Blind Spots’

Reveal undetected threats unknown to internal IT teams.

Total Group have simplified achieving and maintaining all leading compliance standards. We use the leading enterprise software tools to automate and address compliance in real-time 24/7/365 for clients across London.

If your in London and need aspects or all of your data security or compliance done for you, contact Total Group.

UK Pen Test Testimonials

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Tests for all your Data Security Accreditations and Standards

  • GDPR Qualifying Independent Testing

  • PCI DSS 4.0 Standard Testing

  • Cyber Essentials & Cyber Essentials +

  • ISO 27001 and ISO 9001

  • NIS2 (Infrastructure + Transport)

  • SOC1, SOC2, SOC3 Aligned Tests

  • NHS Governance (Toolkit) Tests

  • Contractual Tests

  • Cyber Insurance Required Tests

  • Risk Reduction & Vulnerability Tests

  • M&A Digital Due Diligence Tests

  • IASME & NIST Governance Tests

Compliance was such a nightmare for me and my security teams that we designed our solution from the ground up to make IT, Risk and Compliance less stressful. Cliff edge digital investment often unbudgeted together with bulk IT change was fraught. Often the very future of the business seemed to hang in the balance with me and my teams working our socks off only to be company pariahs.

Contracts and compliance standards that previously were Q&A based now required proof with clear evidence that our data networks were safe. Traditional solutions gave me all the insight but little help to fix, improve and evidence. Knowing about issues is very different from being able to quickly mitigate and evidence such. It was like trying to fill a bucket full of holes with new holes appearing faster than we can fill the ones we knew about.

Whilst many good component solutions existed, such was the complexity of IT environments that we could never achieve holistic oversight and compliance, let alone real-time remediation.

So Total Group set about gluing together all the best in class tools with a single pane of glass management interface. All the top data security and compliance tools available in a single platform.

Many companies still dream about achieving real-time insight. However what you need is real-time threat remediation. with issues discovered and fixed for you. We had a problem but its already fixed, makes for a much nicer Monday morning.

Our software worked so well for our own CTO and CISO teams that we now love to help other companies overcome their pain points.

We love being loved and seeing the relief when IT, Risk and Compliance teams get the outcomes they need.

Nathan Stewart CEO Total Group

Better, stronger, faster!

Nathan Stewart - CISO / DPO Author

We cover all of United Kingdom / Great Britain

  • England

  • Wales (Gymru)

  • Scotland ( Alba )

  • Ireland ( Eire )

  • Northern Ireland

  • British Isles

  • Great Britain

  • Republic of Ireland

  • Channel Islands

  • Isle of Man

Penetration Testing UK - Questions and Answers

How often should we test?

At the very minimum you should perform independent annual penetration tests. However if issues are identified all "critical to medium" ranked issues should be prioritised, resolved and you should re-test until only low risk or informational risk items remain. Low risks are still important to resolve over time but would not delay accreditations. Total Group now provide Penetration Testing as a perpetual service (PTAAS) where tests can be scheduled throughout the year. Quarterly tests and tests following major changes like PC refresh or firewall changes is best practice.

What's the difference between a Pen Test & Vulnerability Scan?

A vulnerability scan scans the environment against all known existing vulnerabilities. Our scans are very comprehensives and as well as detecting and testing PCs, and Servers also scans devices like IOT, printers, NAS, CCTV, BMS anything connected to your network.

A Penetration test attempt to capitalise on both known and unknown vulnerabilities and physically probes devices with a view to exploiting flaws. Many tests just probe from the outside (internet) inbound to your network but at Total Group we test from both outside and also inside as many cyber threats rely on lateral movement through a network.

How quick can we get our results?

Depending on the size of your network we offer the quickest certified turnarounds typically 2-4 days. On placing your order we will ship you a personalised test server within 24 hours. This is plug and play just connect to power and your LAN and that's it. If your are on a penetration testing as a service plan you can keep the test server and can have results within 72 hours.

If you are performing a one off test than we include a prepaid return label and test results are available within 24 hours of returning the test server. The test server needs to be plugged in for 1-2 days to fully probe all devices and engineers will confirm when its ready to be shipped back. In an emergency we can provide test results prior to the server return but please bear in mind that if the server is not returned within 30 days we will assume you are keeping the server and transfer you to a penetration testing as a service plan.

What if the test shows critical issues, than what?

Unlike most testing companies you are not alone with your results. Many companies struggle to understand test results let alone know what to do with them. Total Group have simplified results to include clear categories, executive summaries and a management plan that sets out actionable insight to rectify issues. We explain how these risks affect your organisation, where your organization stands compared to its peers, how this compares to the last assessment, are all examples of data included in each report.

We help your internal teams understand the actions required to deliver improvement and if you don't have the time and resources to mitigate inhouse we can quote to resolve. For Example, this may include quoting for software to provide patch management tools or engineering time for a firewall engineer to review and harden your open port configurations.

Will we experience any disruption or downtime?

No, unlike many consultative and manual testing regimes we don't need physical or remote access to your site and we don't need your staffs input which can often be very significant. We don't need administration access. Simply plugin our test server than when we are done unplug it and pop it back in the paid envelope. We will typically email test results within 72 hours.

You wont notice it as we are careful to limit probing levels so that devices are never overwhelmed. Testing does use moderate levels of processing and networking bandwidth resources, so its not something you would want to do every day. On the day of testing you might see small levels on latency (slowness) of devices currently under test. So that printer may take 6 seconds instead of the usual 4 to fire up as we are busy probing it.

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